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My Thoughts on… The Watcher by Ross Armstrong

My Thoughts on… The Watcher by Ross Armstrong

Hello All!
Today is my stop on The Watcher blog tour and I am here today to share with you my thoughts on the book!
As usual, first though is more info on the book.

About the Book

She’s watching you, but who’s watching her?

Lily Gullick lives with her husband Aiden in a new-build flat opposite an estate which has been marked for demolition. A keen birdwatcher, she can’t help spying on her neighbours.

Until one day Lily sees something suspicious through her binoculars and soon her elderly neighbour Jean is found dead. Lily, intrigued by the social divide in her local area as it becomes increasingly gentrified, knows that she has to act. But her interference is not going unnoticed, and as she starts to get close to the truth, her own life comes under threat.

But can Lily really trust everything she sees?

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My Thoughts

This is one of those books that grips you and pulls you in from the very beginning. Because you straight away realise that this is a very unique and different book. Instead of being written in first or third person narrative, this book is written in second person narrative. Our main protagonist is writing a letter, or a series of letters to someone and this is how the story is being unveiled to us. Add to that suspense, intrigue and tension and it’s not hard to see why this book is a fascinating and enthralling read.

I was instantly hooked and instantly interested. I found the narration to be compelling, allowing my imagination to run wild as it read through the books, trying to learn more about our main protagonist and the life she leads – as well as the lives that she watches and gets entwined within. Add to that chapter headings with “20 days before, etc etc,” and you really do start to wonder what has happened or what is going on. A curiosity so strong that you simply cannot put the book down until you know where the book is heading.

Of course, I’m not going to spoil the ending for you but I will let you know that it is well worth the journey getting to it. This book really packs a punch and I had no clue where it was heading and could not have guessed the ending at all. This is the type of book that I found myself fully immersed in. There were a few moments where the narration jumped a little bit and caused me to struggle but I soon picked it back up again. The author has done a brilliant job of weaving the information together and leaving little trails and clues all over the place.

All in all, I very much enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to others – especially if you like thrillers that are just a little bit different. I loved the second hand narrative of this book and the drip feed of information that happened throughout as well. So if you’re looking for an addictive, thrilling and fascinating read, then you should definitely make sure that you pick this book up.

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