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Nano So Far!

So, in a previous post -points all the way down- I mentioned that I would be participating in NaNo WriMo this year for the first time (I also suggested it would hinder my blogging but this hasn’t yet seemed to happen which is pretty awesome). So, as I just hit the ‘quarter of a way to 50,000’ mark, I thought I would make another one of these lovely posts to let you all know how I’m doing!
Book Title: Misguided Memories (Working Title)

Summary: Amelia O’Callahan thinks she knows everything there is to know about the world but at sixteen, this is a highly evocative stance to take. When her twin brother dies in a car accident, her parents move her from her country life in Aberdeen to the hectic city of London. Faced with the challenge of going to a new school, she is glad that her best friend, Alannah is standing by her side through it all. It is here that she meets Eric. With just one look at him, she just knows that there is something different about him but can’t quite put her finger on it. 

Before she can even get to grips with her new school, however, she finds herself being pulled into an unbelievable world full of vampires and angels among other supernatural creatures. Struggling to comprehend this information, she is thrown into the middle of their battle-field as for some reason she is their main target. Somehow she must learn to rethink everything she has ever known, but she must do it quickly before she ends up getting hurt…

Can she face the truth in front of her before it’s too late or will the other side win? Only time will tell.

Current Word Count: 38,369

How many characters introduced: Seven, one killed
Plot Twist?: Three now! =]
Where are we?: Kidnapped and being tortured. Just read a news article about supernatural creatures.
How’s it going?: Brilliant! I’ve had a few days of no words lately because I’ve had a lot of university work to do (deadlines are approaching!) BUT I’m still quite far ahead and with only 11K left to write to hit target, I’m pretty certain that I’ll make it! I just won’t be doing so with all guns blazing! I am still enjoying the story and I’m pretty certain that 50K won’t be the end of the book but at least I will have done most of the work this november! =]
if you’re doing one, that is =D

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