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New Adult Read-a-Thon Updates!


Hey Guys!
So, throughout the week, I am going to be updating this post with all of my progress as well as all the mini-challenges that I entered!
First up, I will just remind you of what my goals are…


– Read at least four books
– Comment on all blogs that are participating
– Make some new friends
– Host the twitter chat!
– Get some great NA Recommendations
– Do at least one mini-challenge a day!


On Monday I participated in Krista’s Dust Jacket’s Mini-Challenge, Good Guy vs Bad Boy (my comment is below). Meaning I am starting off well with that goal!
I commented on all the goal posts that were signed up – before I went to bed – so am right on my way for commenting on all participating blogs!
There have been some great books people are reading and I have had one recommendation so far. Looking forward to getting some more!
And finally, I read 25% of Pushing The Limits. I had work yesterday though which I don’t today and plan to get a lot more read today.

On Tuesday I participated in Addicted to Books’ Mini-Challenge, What Would you Do Differently (below). Which means I’m still doing well with that goal.
I didn’t, however, didn’t get a chance to do any blog commenting, but I’ll get back on that tomorrow.
No more recommendations today either, but that’s because I didn’t visit any blogs, eeek!
Lastly, I read another 25% of Pushing the Limits which means I’m now halfway through the book! I didn’t read as much as I wanted to today but that’s okay!

On Wednesday I participated in Smokin’ Hot Book Blogs’ Mini-Challenge, Twitter Character Bio (below). Which means I’m still going strong on this goal.
No blog commenting or recommendations again though as I had work and then family things in the evening, but the next four days I have no work so here’s hoping…
And because of another day with lack of time, I read 30% of Pushing the Limits. I now only have 20% left and I do have to say that I am enjoying it, but it’s also reminding me a little bit of Beautiful Disaster but ahh… I’m addicted, what can I say?

On Thursday I didn’t participate in any mini-challenges but I’m still counting this as there was an unforseen issue with the challenges.
Once again, I didn’t visit any blogs though (sorry guys!) because I ended up at a friends house helping her make a bookcase and then filling it… all with two young children. It was a good but long day!
But, despite all of that, I managed to actually read quite a bit (yay!). I read the last 20% of Pushing the Limits and have to admit I really enjoyed the book! And then I read 50% of Losing It. Hope to finish that one today and maybe even start the next one… :D

On Friday I didn’t manage to participate in any mini-challenges meaning that I have now failed that goal – d’oh!
And I didn’t get a chance to visit any blogs or get any recommendations…
I did, however, finish Losing It and I started The Edge of Never but have only read 3% so I’m not even sure that counts! :P


Good Guy vs Bad Boy
I am a good guy girl! I love the boys who are sweet, and sensitive, the ones who are caring and protective, romantic and just oh-so-kind. I love the ones who aren’t amazingly handsome, but pretty enough to be a looker. Essentially I love the best friend, the guys they never pick in the books.
But… in fiction I love the boys that look tough, that act tough, but underneath have a heart of gold.

Guys like Lucas Maddox in Easy, and Noah in Pushing the Limits. There’s more to them under the surface and I love that. :D

What Would You Do Differently
Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines has a scene where the protagonist gets drunk for the first time. The guy insists she eats beforehand, I would have made her eat more than she did, or had her acting more drunk than she did.
please note; I liked Fallen to Far and think Abbi is a great writer, I am not judging her writing abilities at all!

Twitter Character Bio
Noah from Pushing The Limits; (Bear in mind I’ve not finished the story and I suck at this kind of thing :p)
What’s on the surface is only half the story. So this bio is pointless. I am who I am, and you’ll only ever see what you want to see unless you know me.

So there you have it, my updates! I think I’m doing fairly okay so far! How are your updates going? Don’t forget to link up your updates posts to this post!


I'm just a twenty-something year old girl who has a passion for everything related to books, films and writing. I'm a part-time librarian, sharing my love of books and films with the world. I'm from the UK and love everything about the country. If you want to know more about me, feel free to follow me on twitter, add me on Facebook or e-mail me! :-)

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