Ready, Set, Review-A-Thon! (Sign Up – November 2012)


Hey Guys!

So you may remember that a while back I co-hosted a Readathon called, Ready, Steady, Read-Athon! From that readathon twitter chat, it was mentioned briefly that we should host a review-a-thon so that people can catch up on the reviews that they should really have written a long time ago. That, my friends, is exactly what Danie and I are going to do!

Ready, Set, Review-A-Thon is going to be a month long, and it is going to be a month full of – hopefully – fun and friendships and lots of review writing! The aim is to have dwindled our must-write review piles by a large proportion. No more time for slacking, it’s time we put our fingers on the keyboards and tell the world what we feel about the books we have read.

What do we have in store for you?

If you participate in this review-a-thon;

  • we have a few prizes and awards to give out
  • we will hold another twitter chat (or two!)
  • we will encourage you to keep writing (and reading)
  • there will be posts on review-writing, such as tips and guidelines
  • there will be a challenge for the most creative review(s)
  • we will encourage everyone to do weekly updates too!

When will it be?
Ready, Set, Review-A-Thon will be a month long, which will give us all enough time to write many reviews without getting arm cramp, during the month of November.

How many reviews do I have to write?
There is no limit! But there is also no minimum. Simply write as much as you can in the month. Sometimes even just one brilliant review will be better than writing no reviews at all! The idea is simply to write enough reviews to allow your overflowing to-write list to become easier to handle. If that means you only write three reviews all month, then so be it!

Will we have to post the reviews in the month?
Not at all! Sometimes it’s nice to have a few back-up reviews that you can go to when your motivation is no longer what it is so if you find the time and want to just write some reviews for that purpose, we’re definitely not going to stop you.

What if I sign up but then don’t have time to write much?
Don’t fret, at least you tried, right? As mentioned before, you can write as many or as few reviews as you wish, or as you can. There is no set target – although you can set a target for yourself – but if you don’t reach a certain number, no one will penalise you and you will still have a chance to win a prize, so it’s a win-win situation, right?

What do I do if I have any more questions?
E-mail or tweet us! Danie and I will be happy to answer all of your questions. My e-mail and twitter are in my sidebar *points to pretty graphics*.

And throughout the month – and from now onwards really, we will also be using the hashtag #rsreviewathon so if you want to keep an eye on more updates or if you want to simply chat to us, you can find us there!

Sound like something you’re interested in? Or at least intrigued by? Then why not sign up** below to join us for this new and exciting adventure! Feel free to use the button to help us advertise too!

** When you sign up, if you could link to your participating/joining/signing up/etc post, we’d appreciate it. **



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