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Running & Fitness: My January Story

Running & Fitness

I had, once again, great plans for January and it all started off really well and I felt really proud of myself, and then it all went to pieces. In the second week of January, after a week and a half of decent exercise, I got ill. The kind of ill that had me chained to the bed for three days. I finally ventured to work on the Friday – because I felt bad – and the day out of bed destroyed me. So I had a low-key Saturday, mostly due to low energy levels and then a busy Sunday in London. By Monday I felt drained again.

Then on the second week on Wednesday, while still not fully recovered, I ended up with one of the dreaded colds going around. So once again I found myself bed-bound for yet another three days. It got so bad this time that I honestly thought I had come down with the flu but, fortunately, I had recovered mostly by Saturday so I headed to work and then out in the evening as I had exciting plans that I didn’t want to miss, this went for my full and busy day on Sunday too. By Monday, I felt destroyed again. But I was certain that I would get back to the gym before the end of the week.

But it didn’t happen.

So now we’re in February and I am determined, once again, to get myself back to the gym to work on getting healthier!

The Plan

These are going to be very different from last month as I think I’m pushing myself too hard and berating myself too hard as well. I think slow to start may be a better approach!

I aim to do two days of gym per week (maybe one workout class, one gym session)
– I also aim to walk to work and back (25mins each way) three days a week (this will be weather dependent)
To start eating more healthily again too. Less crisps and chocolate, more fruit and nuts!

The Goals

– For my body to get used to the workout classes so my muscles suffer less
– To be able to run on the treadmill non-stop for 20 minutes
– To be able to climb the three flights of stairs at work without feeling like I’m dying

Let’s see if I can actually do this!

Are you doing anything to get back into or continue being in shape this month?


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