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Saying Goodbye to Facebook

Saying Goodbye to Facebook


Life has a funny way of changing, doesn’t it? While I don’t remember the exact day that I started using Facebook, I do remember how consistently it was in my life. It was my way of sharing myself with my friends and family. I would squeal about my excitements and vent out frustrations. I would write continuously on my friends’ walls about anything and everything.

It was the place to be.

But now? Now I rarely even open it up. I deleted the app from my phone last year because it didn’t like my old phone and I never downloaded it on my new phone either. Instead I just go into the internet browser and look at it from there.

It means I also don’t get any notifications to my phone.

And because I get no notifications, I always forget to look at Facebook regularly and recently I realised that it doesn’t affect me at all now. I have no desire to scroll through my feed and see what my friends have put or what new pictures have been added. I don’t post statuses myself and really only use it for some blogging groups and to send some messages to my friends.

And that’s it.

What was once somewhere I spent a lot of my spare time, even thinking up statuses while I was out and about, it is now a site that I barely even think about.

And I’m fine with that.

Facebook did what it needed to for me at the time but I no longer need it in that way anymore.

What about you? Do you still use Facebook?


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