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Series Week – Day Four

Hey Guys!
Today I am introducing you to Vanya over at YA Story Teller. She’s decided to tell you all about a series that she is itching to read!
I can’t thank her enough for helping me out with this!


Series I’m longing to start reading

Hello guys and thank you Faye for having me guest post on your blog today!! That’s so awesome!! And just so you know, I’m really excited about it :))))

So, since you themed this guest post “Series”, I had to think about the direction I was to take on it. Well, ‘favorite series’ or ‘least favorite’ sounded kind of too trivial, so I thought something more original was in order. Ta-da!! My title up there is better looking, no?

To be honest, there are a bunch of series I’m really desperate to get started on. Like anything Jennifer L. Armentrout, Cinda Williams Chima, Ellen Hopkins and a list-that-has-no-end of other awesome authors and their series. But! No. I’m sharing just one series with you today, and it is….


Yes, I know what you are going to say: You haven’t read Strange Angels? What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the books, sit on your behind and get on with it already!!! I know, I know! You’re  right! I have postponed this one for like ever, and I know my excuse is totally lame but let me throw it at ya:

I’ve got no time!!!

Seriously. I know I should make time, but it isn’t all that easy. Not when I’ve got a ton of books that need reviews. Like ASAP..

Anyway, onto the topic at hand. Strange angels. Five books, all totally amazing talking about a kick-ass girl. Dru Anderson hunts the non-human creatures – ghosts, vamps, wolfen and zombies. But she’s a target herself. Target to love rivalry, target to kill.. it doesn’t matter she’s it. She’s also not entirely human.

Left at a school for teens like her, she’s the only girl among cute guys, one of whom wants her dead.   Others want to protect her and fall in a game of jealousy over her heart. Then her best friend gets abducted and she goes through a variety of obstacles to save him. In the end her light is the only weapon against the monsters’ darkness. But will it be enough? And would the sacrifice be worth it?

I’ve no idea, but I’m willing to find out. Are you?


  • A. Knight

    I’m not sure if I want to read this series. I’ve heard of it, sure, but from what I’ve read about it, I’m not sure it’s something I would totally enjoy. The covers are pretty cool, though. :)


    • Vanya D.

      I’ve actually heard that it’s pretty good. Someone over at Goodreads mentioned that the first book had some problems with the writing, but it was a good read nonetheless. Then the following books got even better. So… I’ll sure try it out :)

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