Speaking Up; BlogINK Round 2

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Hey Guys!
So you may have already seen my tweeting or updating my facebook status about this blogINK competition before, but in case you haven’t or aren’t aware, I thought I’d give you a little bit of information about it.

A few weeks ago, Mira Ink started a competition for UK residents. The prize is a 12-month long paid blogging job. The winner will blog for Mira Ink for a monthly salary. Therefore, it has been a very exciting and highly competitive competition.

For the first round, competitors were asked to write a blog post of up to 500 words. From that round only ten people were chosen to go onto round two.

I was one of those ten.
(And you can imagine my excitement!)
You can read my winning entry here.

For the second round, competitors have been asked to make a 60 second vlog (video-blog) convincing Mira Ink to choose us. Then, we have from Dec 3rd (today) until Dec 11th to effectively use social media to run our own social media campaign.

It goes without saying that this is something I would be honoured to win, but I would be at a loss without your help. So, with this post I am pleading in that -innocent-but-completely-guilty- way to ask you to not only watch the vlog, but to comment on it, or share it by passing it along to others!
You can even like it, if you feel that you really do!

Video Link:

Throughout the next week, I will also be tweeting like crazy, updating my facebook like a mad person, using my tumblr a lot, and simply sharing my video across the web as much as I can. If you’re willing to help my efforts by retweeting, sharing, or reblogging yourselves, I would truly appreciate it.

Needless to say, this blog wouldn’t be anywhere without you and while you have already done so much for me, I would love it if you could just do one more small thing for me to help me win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!



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