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Stunt Double by Tamsin Cooke

Stunt Double by Tamsin Cooke

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Hello All!

Today is my stop on the Stunt Double blog tour and I am here kicking off the tour with a review of this fantastic and addictive read!

About the Book

9780192749826 Finn is a free-running black belt, with a talent for acting—but when his big break arrives, it’s not the role he was expecting at all.

Recruited as a stunt double, he’s pushed to his limits—scaling walls at high speed, jumping from dizzying heights, and diving into rocky waters—all without any safety gear. He’s determined to push himself, but as the stunts get more dangerous, the lines between movie and reality really start to blur, and it becomes clear that he’ll be luckily to escape this shoot with his life.

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My Review

Are You

From the title of this book alone, I was intrigued and interested, positive that this was going to be a book that I’d enjoy. Add in that enticing synopsis and I’m sure you can see why I ended up adamant I was going to read this book. Fortunately the book did not disappoint. It was fast-paced, thrilling and intense. A book that I raced through as I found it very difficult to leave it as it stood – I had to know what was going to happen next!

Brave Enough

Tamsin Cooke has created a very addictive, page-turning read with this book that I can see many children really enjoying. What starts as a very safe story, ends up a lot darker and scarier as it goes along and Tamsin really managed to transition this throughout the story really well. It’s natural and really has the reader on the edge of their seat – exactly what you want from such a thrilling adventure book.

For The

There is a vast array of characters in this book but what I love is how Tamsin has made it quite difficult to know who to trust. You’re constantly second guessing things and more wonderful was that I ended up fooled by a few characters. I’d say who but I’m not spoiling anything! My favourite characters were the four teenagers; Finn, Anna, Blake and Mawi. They were all unique and fascinating characters to follow and definitely made this book more interesting.

Real Stunts

Stunt Double was a thrilling, heart-racing adventure book that I really enjoyed. It would suit a ten to fourteen year old well and reminded me of action thriller books like Robert Muchamore‘s Cherub series and Anthony Horrowitz‘s Alex Ryder series. It was fast-paced, action packed and intense in all the ways you could want it to be. Not to mention it was also kind of emotional too. Also the ending has also definitely got me very intrigued! I would absolutely recommend this book to others, especially if you like action adventure stories!

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