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Hey Guys!
So today we have the lovely Blogger Spotlight lass, Brodie, who has written a guest post about the perfect place to read a book and escape into the world of luxury!
Hope that you enjoy it!
And why not tell us, where do you like to read best?

The most savvy of us can find an infinite amount of places to read a book – if you’re really passionate about the stories you’re reading, no obstacle will stand in your way of disappearing into another world. But where is the best place to read a book? My knee-jerk answer would be to say Gryffindor Common Room or nestled in the strong, comforting embrace of Adrian Ivashkov. But given that Floo Powder stock in the muggle world is on the decline and Adrian does tend to have wandering hands (translation: you don’t have a chance in hell of concentrating on the book), perhaps it wise if we go through some of the most common places to read a book and narrow it down to the best.
Library – You’d think this would be one of the best places to read. A library is full of books! And quiet looks nooks that scream, ‘sit down and read!”. But contrary to popular belief, many libraries are not the quiet temples that fiction would lead us to believe. At least, mine isn’t. They can be noisy, they can often hold creepers who peer at you from behind the shelves of the cookbook section or you may bear witness to the cleaner giving your crabby librarian his ‘sexy-eye’ look and suddenly, all those shudder-worthy fanfiction stories featuring Madam Pince and Filch locked in a broomstick closet come rushing to memory and your YA romance appetite is understandably ruined.
In Public – If you work, go to school or are a social butterfly and spend much of your day outside the house, those few minutes waiting at the bus stop or eating your lunch would make for the perfect opportunity to speed through a few chapters, right? But when that lady who eerily resembles your grandmother two seats down starts licking her lips at the shirtless boy on the cover of Wrecked by Anna Davies that you’re holding, or that quietly eager 16 year old boy starts flexing his biceps at you in a vain attempt to mirror the mere-boy on the cover… well, it can be a little distracting. And mortifying.
While planking on top of a moving aeroplane – It might seem like a cool adrenaline rush, but…. um, you really need to get a grip on reality. It may surprise you to hear, but not many YA boys can actually fly. Apparently gravity helps ground their brooding. And the trailer for the new Superman movie hasn’t even been released yet, so no, Henry Cavill is not going to swoop in wearing his revealing spandex and save you when you fall off the damn plane. It’s just a really, really stupid idea. Why is it even listed?
So where is the best place to read a book? If, like me, you can’t afford to rent yourself a private island or you’re claustrophobic about the idea of burrowing away in an underground library bunker, then we must resort to the convenient, if slightly less glamorous bedroom (after all, having a bed nearby does promote hot-book-boy fantasies) or my personal favourite, curled up on the couch for half a day and tuning out the rest of the world while I pretend I’m in a tug-of-war love triangle between two delicious boys. Couch = comfy and perfect no matter what the weather outside. Except if you have a lot of people in your house who don’t understand the words, “SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO READ”, then you obviously need to unleash your inner Katniss and make use of that bow and arrow.



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