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That Time I Went to Hydrorider… and Enjoyed It!

That Time I Went to Hydrorider… and Enjoyed It!

** This post was sponsored by Simply Swim who provided me with £75 to spend on their shop in return for this post. The experience I had was completely my own. **

Hi All!

So I’ve got a little bit of a different post for you all today. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my fitness journey but today I will be doing just that. Since being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I’ve been looking at different types of exercise that I can do – to keep the task fun and entertaining. Unfortunately one problem I have is that my knee often hurts during exercise – such as Zumba. I have since realised this is because I have a knee that hyper-extends and that when I am doing high intensity exercise, it is looser and happens more frequently. Thus, after trying spin, I found that my knee often hyper extends – especially when we’re asked to stand and cycle.

With this in mind, I asked a personal trainer of one of the classes I was attending, what exercise might work well for me and she suggested Hydrorider (Aqua Cycling). So without waiting too long, I decided to sign up for a class. However, upon a little research I realised that I would probably need a few things first. So one of the first things I thought I would need was some ladies swim shorts. After having a look on the Simply Swim website, I found something that looked even better than swim shorts – a swimming costume with shorts attached! Thus I did not hesitate to get one of those for myself.

The next item which was very important to get were a pair of aqua shoes. Fortunately, Simply Swim also had a selection on their website to choose from as well.

Now that I had everything I needed – it was time to head to the pool!

In all honesty, the very first session I went to was not easy. I found it difficult to get a rhythm on the bike under the water – and found that standing up and cycling was especially difficult. However, I really liked the feel of the session and how I put a lot of effort in but ended the class feeling less exhausted than when I do a normal class. And of course – the biggest bonus being that my knee did not hurt – at all.

Thus, as the first session went to well, I did sign up for a second class and I am incredibly glad I did because I really enjoyed the second session. I finally got a handle on how to cycle well in the water, especially with the standing up part. I eventually felt myself sweating during this session which made it even more worthwhile for me. It is definitely an exercise that I will be continuing on with and one that I highly recommend for those that want an exercise that is light on the joints but also still really fun.

Also, not going to lie – I especially love being able to use the spa after the session!

Have you or will you try the Hydrorider experience?

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