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Hey Guys! So this week I participated in the glorious Armchair BEA – did you notice? :P – but, unfortunately it is all over now. This post then, is just a quick wrap up of how the week went – in my opinion.

First thing I really need to do is thank We Fancy Books, because if they hadn’t brought this event to my attention, I would not have participated at all! So thank you!
Secondly, I so enjoyed the interview questions! I loved writing them myself, I loved visiting other people’s posts and I loved all the responses left on my post. I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your glorious comments!
I didn’t comment on as many posts as I wanted to but I hoped that the ones I did comment on are also grateful!

I adored reading all of the Best Of posts! I was opened up to so many new books! It was great! I also liked making my own lists as it reminded me of how many great books I have read this year and how many reviews I still need to write! Hehe.
Again, the comments on my post were awesome, so thank you all for stopping by!
I looked at a lot of blog posts on this day but commented on less because I was busy so I apologise but I did love all the posts, I promise!

Day Three
I actually didn’t participate on this day. [shame on me] I couldn’t think of a good networking story myself because I haven’t had one yet! Then I was busy with work, reading and writing and simply didn’t get a chance to comment on many blogs at all. I think this could have been the greatest day too!

This day, for me, was the most helpful. I finished my post and realised it wasn’t anything like what I had planned on posting but then I decided that I just wanted to get it out there, you know? The feedback that I got back from this post was so amazing. I just want to thank each and every person who stopped by and commented because you’ve really helped me. I still may not know what will happen beyond the blog, but I now have some avenues to try – so thank you!
Again with work, however, I didn’t get to view or comment on nearly enough posts!

I loved writing my tip post. I may have only been blogging for a little while in comparison to some people and I know I certainly haven’t picked up all the tricks of the trade but I also love being able to help other bloggers as much as I can! A lot of the commenters hadn’t heard of WLW before and I’m so glad to have at least placed it on their radar! I also thought of so many more tips to include after I have posted and was so tempted to edit but I felt that it would have gotten confusing to some people! I do, however, think that I may do something in the future about blog tips – a feature, perhaps. Who knows!
I also enjoyed reading other peoples tips and helping answer questions! I hope I helped some people and I know I got a few handy tips myself! So thank you to everyone who participated in this day – it’s been great!

Twitter Party
Okay so, I was only around to participate in one twitter party and that was the final one and boy did I love it! I’ve only participated in one twitter chat before now for the Book-A-Thon and that had been great and this was just as awesome! I met so many great bloggers – got some great tips and there were just so many great discussions going on! Also, I reminded myself of 140character twitter reviews and may have to do this again! Microblogging is the future, yes?

Altogether now!
I just had a great week! I want to thank everyone that commented on my posts again! It was so great to have you all here! Thank you for the giveaways, your posts, the tips, the fun, the banter, the awesomeness.
With this on my radar, there is no way that I’ll be missing ArmchairBEA next year!

What are your thoughts of ArmchairBEA? Any final words? Did you do a wrap up post?

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  • nea barabea

    Beautiful post Faye!! I had tons of fun, too!! Amazing :D And the twitter parties rocked everything!! After the last party I wanted to say “good night” and my twitter told me I couldn’t because I’ve surpassed the tweet limits of the day. And I was like “What the heck?!” hahaha couldn’t believe it :D

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