The WordPress Move!


Hey Guys!
So I have now officially moved over to WordPress! Weeeee! *runs around in circles*
It has been a long process that has caused me many-a-headaches but I am so sure that it was the right thing to do that I really don’t mind it. As they say; anything that takes hard work will pull off. Or something like that!

With the move comes a few announcements and updates!
For starters, I no longer have that wonderful GFC tool where I had 507 followers *sheds a small tear*, however I do now have networked blogs so if you wanted an easy -not-filling-up-my-inbox way of following, then this should be great for you!
I also still have e-mail subscribtion as a way of following (and all those already subscribed should have moved over in the process), and RSS feed subscription as well – which again, should have moved over. But if you find any errors or bugs with this, please let me know ASAP!


The blog isn’t yet in perfect working condition, I do still have a few bugs (such as duplicate posts) that I need to sort out, as well as configuring the last few pages correctly, but I hope to get to these things today or tomorrow so please bear with me for these things.
All of my old links should redirect you to this blog and its equivalent post but if it doesn’t, can you please let me know?

new stuff

Just before I moved over, I posted two new features and this is just a quick message to say that I actually have one more feature that will show up on the blog in the next few days and that these features should become weekly fixtures on the blog from now on. If you have any comments about the features – or want to join in on any of them, let me know either via twitter, commenting here, facebook or e-mail!

Also, as part of the move, I now have a graphics shop page which is located above. You can click on this for more details, but basically I have decided to offer up my services to you! I will not be charging for my services to begin with. If it takes off in a way I never could expect, or if I somehow become a better graphic artist, this may change, but for now, I’m offering my services for free.
I can create banners, buttons, feature badges, icons, or backgrounds.
All I ask is that you credit me when using my stuff.

thank you

Thank you so much for being so patient with me during this move. I hope that we will all benefit from it!



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