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Having been a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine when I was a child, I was very pleased to find out that my niece has now become a fan too. She loves Thomas and all of his friends and absolutely loves to watch all of his adventures. Thus, when we found out about the upcoming movie, we were all very excited for it. So when the opportunity to watch it before everyone else arrived in my inbox, I jumped at the chance.

I’ve actually never been to the cinema with my niece before. She’s only just turned four and I know that she has quite a low attention span so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. However, I was assured that she is better at watching a movie in its entirety by my sister so I figured it would be okay.

And, in short, as a quick summary, she absolutely loved it. Her words at the end: “That was great, thank you Auntie Faye!”

In longer terms, she became so fully invested in the film, that during one part of the film she actually asked if we could leave. Wondering if something was wrong, my sister had a little word and a little cuddle and it was all fine. The issue? Thomas had fallen off the tracks and my niece was so upset and worried that she wanted to go home – probably to have a nice cry in private! It was incredibly cute of her and thus, when I later on asked what her favourite part of the film was, she said: “The ending, because they were all happy again.”

Honestly, you could not have had a better response from her. She then bravely told the story of how she didn’t cry but she did get upset and sad by it all as she honestly thought Thomas wouldn’t be rescued.

On the other hand, while I thought the film was entertaining, it wasn’t the best film ever. In a world of Disney Pixar movies and Dreamworks films that are enjoyable for kids and adults alike, I felt this film lacked that a little bit. I did become invested in the story and wonder where it was heading but it was also lacking in, sadly, adventure – as far as I was concerned! – and it certainly isn’t a film that I could watch time and time again. Nevertheless, I am glad I went to see it and I am incredibly pleased that my niece enjoyed it so much as well.

So if you’re looking for something to do this summer and you have kids between 3 and 6, I would definitely recommend this film. I am of the belief that you don’t have to have watched Thomas before either to enjoy it so even if they’ve never watched Thomas before, why not introduce them to him on the big screen!

Many thanks to Fetch Publicity for this opportunity!

Do you enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine?

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