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Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published: August 2nd 2012
Pages: 404
Format: ARC Paperback Copy
Source: Publisher
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Summary: (From Goodreads)

Celaena Sardothien is a daredevil assassin with unrivalled fighting skills. After a year’s hard labour in the salt mines of the kingdom of Adarlan, Celaena is offered her freedom on one condition—she must fight as handsome Prince Dorian’s champion in a contest sponsored by the king, facing the deadliest thieves and assassins in the land in a series of set-piece battles in the country’s stunning glass palace. But there is more at stake than even her life—for Celaena is destined for a remarkable future…

five out of five hearts

the game begins
I started reading Throne of Glass after reading the first three novella’s so I already had a fairly good idea on Celaena’s personality and where she was before the novel started. I also knew that I adored the way that Sarah J. Maas wrote and found it easy and simple yet kept me entertained and interested. So by the time I had finished reading this book, I knew there was no hope for me. This book is simply brilliant. It really captured my attention and had me wanting to read more all the time. When I wasn’t reading I was thinking about it, when I was reading, I was thinking about where it could go, what could happen. I was truly enthralled by this book and I am just so glad that I had the chance to read it.

let the players line up
One of the most important elements of this book, one of the things that really kept my attention and love of this book was the characters. I already adored Celaena but this novel just made me love her even more. She really came out of her shell and proved what she could be but she wasn’t my favourite character. Not by a long shot. I enjoyed reading her story and I loved her journey and I was rooting for her the entire way and well, you know, I wanted to be her but she just didn’t have my full heart because my heart truly belonged to Captain Westfall.

I adored how strong he was, how he did his best to keep his distance from Celaena and how you could just feel the effect that she had on him. I loved how loyal he was to his job and to his best friend and just how well he carried himself. I admired everything about him and I could not help but root for him throughout the entire story. I couldn’t wait to see more of him, and I especially loved it when the story was told from his perspective. It was a nice change. It isn’t often that I like the third in a trio, but he definitely caught my attention.

Of course, it would be impossible not to mention the prince. He was so loveable and charming and I did enjoy him but he just wasn’t as lovely as the Captain. But I did enjoy the journey he went on and I could understand the pressures he had coming on both sides but that he just wanted to live his life as he could. I found that the way Celaena affected him was also so admirable and amazing. So while I did feel that he was perfect for her in ways, I just felt that her affect on him wasn’t nearly as admiring as her affect on the Captain.

There were so many other charming characters in this novel too but if I was to sit here and talk about them all, this review would just be too long but I loved so many of them and felt that they all just helped to bring the entire story alive. I wanted to be around all of the amazing and exotic characters so much.

the battle commences
The storyline was so amazing! I haven’t read the Game of Thrones (or watched the show) but I’ve heard a lot about it but I can’t say that it is exactly the same but I can say that I loved it. I really enjoyed the competition and the training and how each competitor was eliminated. I loved the sub-plots that ran alongside the competition and it really helped to keep the reader interested because there was always so much going on. I just really enjoyed all of it so much. I could also see how the Cinderella storyline was adapted and just transformed into something else entirely. I enjoyed it so much!

I loved the world it was set in. I loved the way everything was described and how things were going down-hill. I really just wanted to know where Sarah came up with such exotic sounding places and all the things that go on within the different places. It was just perfect and well-thought out and I just really liked it. I loved as well, how the story starts and why and just found it to be so fascinating. There wasn’t a moment during my reading that I wanted to put the book down. It wasn’t confusing, it was easy and simple and inspiring and amazing. I wanted to be there, I wanted to enjoy everything that was happening. I especially liked the idea of the fantasy elements that were used within it and I really hope to see more of that appearing in the next book.

a clear winner
This book is one that I would quite easily read again and again and one that I will be purchasing a non-ARC copy as soon as I can. I found it to be a truly fascinating and captivating read. I loved the characters and the way that they just really brought the story to life. It was this story that really I admired so much. While there were a few small things that irritated me, they were so insignificant that I almost always forgot them straight away, they did not deter from the amazing-ness of this book. I really loved the ending of the book too and I cannot wait for the next book to hit the shelves so that I can devour it just as quickly as this one.

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review *

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  • Liyana

    OMG. I am EXCITE. Excited. Great review, I didn’t love Celaena, but heck I wanted to be her with her skillz and all those hot guys.

  • Brodie

    OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. WHY MUST YOU TRY TO BREAK THE STRUCTURE, THE VERY FOUNDATION OF MY TBR? No kidding, I can SEE Throne of Glass straining with all it’s might to flap open it’s cover and lift the other books off it, just so it will be at the top. I can’t say I’m doing much to stop it…

    WOW. This. Sounds. Fracking. AMAZING. When I wasn’t reading I was thinking about it, when I was reading, I was thinking about where it could go, what could happen. – THESE are the kind of books that steal my heart so completely. That is the very reason I read, to find books that do THIS to me.

    Captain Westfall, I’m falling for you already! Prince? Puh. What Prince?! Clearly the Captain is the man of the show here. Celaena, the world-building, the plot, the rest of the characters… THE TRAINING. It sounds like everything is so brilliantly weaved together to make one of the best reads this year. I am SO happy you loved it this much. You have me dying to read it now! LOVE YOUR REVIEW!

  • Sarah (saz101)

    Celeana sounds AMAZING, and this Captain Westfall of which you speak? CAN’T WAIT :D

    Also: I LOVE the Game of Thrones TV show. It has bits of cheesiness, of course, but it’s… it’s just SO well done, so intelligent, and it has fantastic production qualities. Not to mention that series 2 is even better than series 1 O___O

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