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Weekly Highlights; The Two-Week Edition

weekly highlights

Weekly Highlights is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts and will be a post highlighting things that happened on and off the blog. It is inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, Books, Biscuit and Tea’s Showcase Sunday, Kimba Caffeinated’s Sunday Post, and the British Letterbox Love.

In the feature I won’t mention everything I received, nor every post I wrote during the week but will simply feature a selection of things I wish to spotlight a second time around.

Post Highlights

This week has been a fairly good one if I do say so myself! I’ve felt a little more normal this week, having finally shaken off my cold! This has meant I’ve been able to exercise again and have to admit I’ve felt much better because of this! I’ve also been scheduling a LOT of posts on the blog in advance which has been great and I’m just so happy to see every day on here being filled with something!

As I missed last weeks’ Weekly Highlights, all the posts mentioned will cover the last two weeks!

This week I posted TWO reviews;
Bird by Crystal Chan (FIVE HEARTS)
Never Ending by Martyn Bedford (FOUR HEARTS)

Last week I posted ONE review;
Cross My Heart by Carmen Reid (FOUR HEARTS)

Last week I also hosted the lovely Denise Grover Swank on the blog for a vlog about how she writes. Trust me when I say you really want to watch this! You can do so here

This week, Caroline and I announced a new month long event we’re hosting this month. Finish It February! It’s the chance to finish all your unfinished books and series! Sign up and find out more here. And to catch up on my updates, Click Here.

I’m a cry baby when it comes to books. Every one usually tears me to pieces. Here’s a list of my top ten books to make me cry!

In the last two weeks I also posted two cover reveals. See the cover of Retribution by Virginia Brasch; here, and the cover of Play by Kylie Scott; here.

Review Copy Cleanup

This is my updates for this event!
I set out with a goal that half of the books I read this month be review copies.

Thus far I have four books. Three were review copies and one wasn’t. Thus I am so far on track with my goal! Yay!

Review Copies read;
The Lost Journals of Benjamin Tooth by Mackenzie Crook
Unhinged by A. G. Howard
Drummer Girl by Bridget Tyler

Noughts and Crosses Read-a-Long

Noughts&Crosses Read-a-long1

In case you missed my announcement yesterday, I am hosting a Noughts and Crosses read-a-long in March! It’s going to last all month and you can either read just the first book throughout the month or join me in completing the whole series!

Find out more about it all here.

Around The Blogosphere

Have you ever had a moment when everything you read just doesn’t seem to be good enough? This post by Jamie is really interesting, and you should definitely read it.

One book that I am super excited to read is A Room Full of Chocolate by Jane Elson (Came out on Thursday!) and this review of it from Debbie has just made me want to read it even mooore!

Although I haven’t posted about them in a while, I love movies and I especially adore teen movies. This week Sophie wrote a post about her favourite teen movies. I agree with them all. See what they are here.

Ever wondered about unrealistic representations in books? What about when books give people unrealistic expectations? Charli has discussed this on her blog this week with a look at book boyfriends. Go here to read this great post!

If you want a post that may make you INCREDIBLY jealous, then head over here to read Alexa’s tales about her time on the set of Gossip Girl!

Events are always great fun. Events that create a love of reading are ten times more amazing. Read this post for a look at how one event did exactly that!

Guys. This is a cover reveal that you simply HAVE to see. It is so amazing and brilliant and just wooow. Find out what the cover is here – and don’t forget to tell me your thoughts!

Are you looking for some new contemporary novels to dive in to? This week Lucy has started a new feature where she recommends books and for her first genre she has chosen contemporary. To find out what she has recommended, click here.

Letterbox Love



Fortunately this week I had the chance to go on a book shopping spree! I ended up going to The Works and buying these books and am happy that I have now completed my collection.

Storm Glass, Sea Glass, and Spy Glass by Maria V. Snyder; I haven’t yet read this series but it was on a great deal so I couldn’t resist! Have heard sooo many great things about it though!


School of Good and Evil by Soman Chainani; I have heard a fair bit about this book and I think it just looks really interesting so I thought I would buy it to give it a go.

How They Met by David Levithan; I am really enjoying reading books by David Levithan and so I’m really excited to add another book to my collection!

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare; Having been told time and time again that the Infernal Devices series is better than The Mortal Instruments, I finally caved and bought the book. Looking forward to reading it and finding out if I also enjoy it!

Books With Bite

Riot by Sarah Mussi; I received at the Books with Bite website launch. I’m really looking forward to reading this one as I’ve heard some great things.

Between Lives by Jessica Shirvington; This one looks really intringing and interesting. Definitely cannot wait to get started on it.

The Moment Collector by Jodi Lynn Anderson; Ahhh, this one I’m sooo excited for! I’ve heard amazing things about this author and I really think this book is going to be amazing.

Tease by Amanda Maciel; So incredibly intrigued about this one. It sounds so unique and different and I just want to read it NOW.

Rock War by Robert Muchamore; Have you heard about this one yet? Because I think it’s going to be a fun read and I’m really excited for it!


Question Mark Notepad; At the OUP blogger brunch they gave us a notebook each and I love this one so much.

The Private Blog of Joe Cowley by Ben Davies; A book about blogging? You KNOW I’m excited about this one!

Storm and Stone by Joss Stirling; I have yet to read a Joss Stirling book but this one sounds super exciting and right up my street!

Who Framed Klaris Cliff by Nikki Sheehan; Another book that I have heard good things about and am interested to start reading.

Replica by Jack Heath; Definitely a little intrigued about this one and looking forward to seeing what it is all about.


Deeper by Robin York; This is a review copy that I got from Little Brown and one that I’m really excited for.

A Room full of Chocolate by Jane Elson; This I am borrowing from Debbie and is one that I am REALLY excited for. Debbie really loved it so I’m hoping that I feel the same way about it.

Banished by Liz de Jager; I have been wanting to read this for AGES so I am sooo happy that I finally got a copy. This is a review copy from Macmillan and I will be participating in the blog tour for this book at the end of the month as well, yay!

The Glass Bird Girl by Esme Kerr; Ever since I heard about this one I was super excited for it and so when a review copy arrived, I was really happy and pleased! This came from Chicken House!

Where the Rock Splits the Sky by Phillip Webb; This one sounds intriguing and I’m definitely interested in reading it. This was a review copy from Chicken House as well.

And there you have it, my Weekly Highlights!

I hope to visit all posts of this manner, so feel free to link to your own IMMs, Sunday Showcase, Sunday Posts, Letterbox Loves or whatever it is you do below!

what did you get this week? what cool blog posts did you stumble upon? what are you waiting to happen this week?



  • Jo

    Awesome haul this week, Faye! I’ve got How They Met by David Levithan too, so looking forward to it! I do love me some Levithan. I also received Deeper this week, and I’m seriously excited to read it! Puts me in mind, a little, of Easy by Tammara Webber! Ooh, you have Banished! Really want to read that, being Liz’s book! Looking forward to hearing what you think! Happy reading!

    Here is my First Class Post and Weekly Highlights.

  • Debbie @ Snuggling on the Sofa

    So many books! And you say I’m bad :P the David Levithan is awesome, and you have to read A Room Full of Chocolate like NOW. All the books from the BWB launch sound amazing. I think I might give in and read Tease next week, I also really like the sound of Deeper; you lucky thing receiving Macmillan books! Good luck trying to decide what to read first ;)

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