Well, look at all of you!

Wow. Just wow. I finished my studying for today and thought I would jump online and check on my blog, as I always do whenever I have a spare minute, and that was when I saw straightaway that my follower count now sits at 100 followers. I then hobbled over to FeedBurner where I find I have 10 e-mail subscribers and 74 other anonymous subscribers. That to me sent chills of happiness through my spine.
It may not seem much to the bloggers who have 1000’s of followers but when I started my blog in the middle of September, I honestly did not think that only four months later I would have so many wonderful people following my posts. I thought that this would just be something to do during my last year at university and may just be a stepping stone into the ‘real world’ when I graduate but it quickly flourished into something much more and I could not be happier. If nothing else, this blog is what keeps me sane a lot of the time!
This, basically, is a post to say THANK YOU to you all because you all mean the world to me and always manage to bring a smile to my face!

As an addition, I will soon be announcing my next giveaway, it may not be anything too spectacular as I am still only a student with limited funds but little things are still better than nothing at all, aren’t they? =D You should deserve something for being such loyal followers and for managing to put a smile on my face!
If you’ve read to here, I appreciate it. I know I rambled a lot up there, but it’s all about you and how you make me feel! I have lots of new up and coming updates and posts soon to be releasing (in the few upcoming months) and I hope that you will like everything that my blog has to offer!

If you ever have any comments, suggestions, questions, or just want to chat, please feel free to send me an e-mail! (it’s in the ‘Contact Me’ tab guys!) And, if you have a facebook, feel free to go right ahead and click that ‘like’ button and make my smile turn into a grin!
Thanks again guys, I LOVE YOU ALL.



  • Brodie

    Make that 104 followers!! YAY!! I was the same when I reached my first 100 followers, such a happy feeling and crazy because “this many people WANT to follow me?!” haha.

    I am so happy for you and even more happier that you’ve become a blogger because I have missed interacting with you in some kind of online community!! Hope we’ll both be sticking around here for a long time to come :)

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