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YALC Readathon Sign Up!

Hey Guys!
Today I’m just writing a small post to let you all know that I plan on joining the YALC Readathon!
This readathon is a chance to read as many books by the authors attending YALC as you can!
Personally I have a LARGE list of books I want to read before the convention (but I doubt I’ll read them all!) so I love that this is a chance to read as many as I can.

But what will I do to make sure I read more?

I’m going to get the train every day I can (the only exception being my late evening because no one wants to get home at 9pm without food) and on my day off I’m going to just read. Or I hope to, anyway – although I may also go and see TFIOS :D

What do I hope to read?

I will never get through all of these, but I want to at least try and read three, if not four of these titles!

Which ones would you recommend I start with?

Are you joining the read-a-thon? What do you plan to read?
And lastly… will I see you at YALC?


I'm just a twenty-something year old girl who has a passion for everything related to books, films and writing. I'm a part-time librarian, sharing my love of books and films with the world. I'm from the UK and love everything about the country. If you want to know more about me, feel free to follow me on twitter, add me on Facebook or e-mail me! :-)

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  • Becca @ Lost in thought

    I’m off to YALC and I’m so excited! I’ve been to LFCC a few times but this one is going to be insane and I can’t wait! I need to read quite a few books before going, a few above. Good luck with the readathon!

    Becca @ Lost in Thought

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