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Are Christmas Books Just For Christmas?

Are Christmas Books Just for Christmas?

I absolutely love Christmas books. I love how magical they feel and how they can just feel you with the utmost warmth. But is it only acceptable to read Christmas books at or around Christmas time? I wanted to just sort of spill my thoughts into this post and then have you guys agree or disagree with me in the comments, see if we can get a good discussion type thing going on.

Personally, I want to be able to read Christmas books when it’s not Christmas because, as said above, I really do love them. On top of that there are so many books with a Christmas theme that I really want to read and there just isn’t enough time to read them all within the Christmas period. And then once you have a pile of ones you really want to read, the next year even more are released that makes you itch to read them instead and the next thing you know, you’re basically drowning in too many Christmas books and only one, maybe two months to read them all.

As a blogger it’s an even harder question to think about because sometimes we need to read books early to make sure that we can review them all during the festive season. Because why would we review the book outside of the festive season if no one reads them outside of it? It would just go into their minds in July to be forgotten about by the time that November and December rolls around. Right?

So for me, I would like to be able to read Christmas books at any time of the year.

But then it also feels a little odd to do so. It feels like it could be a superstitious thing. A little bit like listening to Christmas songs too early. Bad things may just happen…

On top of that, would it not be weird to read about getting cozy around a fire while it’s snowing when you’re sweltering in the summer heat? Summer brings about the idea of steamy romance as opposed to sweet romance. But then maybe that’s just how I see it because I am a huge mood reader.

So in clarification, I think that I think it would probably be fine to read Christmas books in Autumn or Spring and to review them only in October, November or December. But that trying to get away with reading a Christmas themed book in the summer is just a little step too far for me.

But what do you think? Would you read a Christmas book in the summer?


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