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Blogger Spotlight! – Resolution Corner!

blogger spotlight!

THETA! (Resolution Corner)

Every month I choose a new Blogger to spotlight on my blog. This blogger is usually someone who I have come to know through blogging, someone who I admire and who’s blog should be getting a lot more traffic! Being a part of this means that the blogger gets their website stickied to the top of my blog *points to left-hand corner*, they get an interview and a few other things here and there throughout the month! It’s a way for me to share my love of them to you, and for you to find a new and amazing blog!

Got that? Good.

So, this month’s Blogger Spotlight is Theta from The Resolution Corner.

Theta is one hell of an awesome guy and if you haven’t met him yet, you should definitely make yourself known to him now! He is genuine and fun and good to talk to! He’s friendly and caring and is so happy to be apart of this community that you can’t help but pat him on the back and give him a big ole’ hug and a HUGE welcome :D

I’ve really enjoyed getting to now this awesome bloke, who loves Dr Who and all things books! He’s a film fanatic as well and that, for me, is always a good sign because of how much I also love books! We usually have lots to talk about.

His blog is full of reviews, memes and just friendly things! He’s really approachable (just tell him you found out about him from here and I’m sure he’ll forgive me later Smile with tongue out) and just an overall nice guy. Therefore, it was about time that he found his way here to my Blogger Spotlight, wasn’t it?

So, what are you still doing here? Go check out his blog NOW!


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  • Kathe (Good Lit and Green Tea)

    Ooh, Theta! At first I was really intimidated by him for some reason… but since speaking over Twitter, now I think he’s awesome. I haven’t actually gotten to comment on his blog yet (Nervousness?!) but it’s nice that he’s your spotlighted blogger this month. I can’t wait to see what both of you have to share!

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