Mini Bloggiesta Goals & Wrap-Up!

The very first mini-bloggiesta is upon us! Bloggiesta is an event to help bloggers to get their blogs up-to-date doing any behind-the-scenes work that they’ve been too busy to do (i.e., writing reviews, clearing out sidebars, etc). And for this mini-bloggiesta I have even hosted my own challenge! (Marketing Your Blog)


I don’t have a lot of time this weekend (hence why this post is also so late!) but I hope to achieve a few things;

  • Make a dent in my review-writing pile. I currently have over 30 reviews to write and it’s starting to weigh on me. I hope to get this down to at least 15 if I can!
  • Cross-post all my reviews & Update Review Archives. It just needs to be done.
  • Update my sidebars a little. A few old things need to be changed around

I will cross them off the list as I do them :-)

What are your goals?


I didn’t quite manage to reach all of my goals, I had a bit of a graphic-making day yesterday instead but I did;

  • Write 5 and a half reviews
  • Crosspost all reviews to Goodreads & most to my archive
  • Update my sidebars
  • Schedule tweets!
  • Schedule three posts this week!
  • Make site graphics for a customer of my Graphics Shop
How did you do?


I'm just a twenty-two year old girl who has a passion for everything related to books, films and writing. I'm a part-time librarian, sharing my love of books and films with the world. I'm from the UK and love everything about the country. If you want to know more about me, feel free to follow me on twitter, add me on Facebook or e-mail me! :-)


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