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NaNo WriMo Winner!!

i won!!!!
ahhh! I can’t believe I did it again, the second time this year! It always seems like 50K in a month is just SO much but when you finally triumph and beat it, ahh, it’s just SUCH a good feeling and if you ever feel like you want to participate in a NaNo event, I URGE you to do it. Because even if you don’t ‘win’, the brilliance of actually writing something down that came from you is just so uniquiely amazing! =]
I’m a bit ‘juiced out’ at the moment as I wrote 3.5K today alone and so I won’t be doing my normal updates on the story as I have done up until this point but I will say that while I did manage to write 50K as I was supposed, this novel is nowhere NEAR finished and in fact, I am one hundred percent certain that it will either become a series or a trilogy! 
I am just so super happy and psyked right now, can you tell?
If you’re following and you’re participating/participated in NaNo this year, I’d LOVE to hear all about your stories and your word counts and help support you in these last two days to writing as many words as you can! Don’t feel deflated if you can’t make it because the point is, you tried, which is more than what most people do!


  • Brodie

    YAY!!!!! HUGE congrats on your awesome accomplishment this month. Super proud of my little bestseller-author-to-be, but not surprised because I know you’re dedicated :D

    I’m totally pledging right now to participate in next year’s NaNo! Or.. well, if not, at least do my own version where I actually write creatively EVERY. DAY. ;)

    Good luck with polishing/continuing on your story!

  • Kelly

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! I actually finished my 50k word count a couple weeks ago, as I wanted to get it done before I moved from Ohio to New Mexico. Like you, my novel is not done that, although it’s not going to be a series or anything (though there might be a companion novel).

    Isn’t it exciting to write a novel, whether or not you hit the 50k mark? I’m always amazed at the times when I sit down and write for hours without realizing how much time has passed or how much I’ve written. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

  • Daydreaming_Star

    @Brodie – Aha, I wouldn’t go THAT far but it’s a stepping stone. Even if, these 50K words are for me and me only, I just love that I managed to write them and that the story is still so ALIVE in my mind =]

    You know that if you do decide to do it, LET ME KNOW. No matter what the month, I will happily support you and cheer you along =] Half the reason I reached the end was from on-going support from fellow Nano-ers! =]

    And thankies! Maybe one day I’ll let you have an ARC :p

    @Kelly – CONGRATS yourself! Wooo fr the winners circle! =] And YES. It is soooo good. I am in love with my story so much that I don’t even care if no one reads it. It is mine and I love it xD. Writing is such an amazing and inspiring task =]

    @Jaskirat – Ahhh, Thank you!! I am so happy right now. yeeee =]


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