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Hey Guys!
Ever since I annoucened my co-hosting of the NA Read-a-Thon, I have had a lot of people asking for some good NA recommendations and so I have finally decided to sit down and write you all a post with some books that I think you should definitely try.

Now, before we get too far, I am going to mention that I am still quite new to the category myself, I haven’t actually read that many NA books yet, and am hoping to use the read-a-thon to help me read some more. However, I have read a few and I am going to recommend them all to you! I will also list the books that I have heard are good and hope to get to, and am going to link you to a post Laura just wrote about different NA books as well!

As of right now, the majority of NA books seem to follow the same formula within the contemporary romance genre, but I do know that there are books in other genres out there, and Laura has put a lot of them in her post so if you want something a little different, check out this post.

These books I have read and enjoyed;

The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorenson; I read this one really quickly. It was a really good story about a girl who has a lot going on, struggling to open herself up. I loved all the aspects of this story and would highly recommend it.

Easy by Tammara Webber; This is by far one of my favourite NA books that I have ever read. It is written so well, really draws you in and really tackles some serious topics really well. It is such an incredible book that I really think you should read if you haven’t already.

Forgiving Trinity by Liz Reindhart; I read this one before I even knew of NA reads but I really enjoyed this story. The main character is on a journey to live her life without drugs and it’s a really interesting and good book that teaches a lot but is also really entertaining.

Emerald City by Alicia K Leppert; Again, this was read before NA was actually a thing, but it is a book that is incredible. It has a bit of a twist to it that I wasn’t expecting but actually makes this really good and one of those different NA reads. There is no bad boy in this story, and the whole idea of this story is to help a girl dealing with depression learn to live happily again.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire; This is one of the famous NA reads out at the moment and is one that I have a very love-hate relationship with. It was a compelling story with beautiful writing, but the plot got on my nerves at times. I struggled with the characters but at the same time, kept turning the page and wanted them to end up together. A very interesting read, that’s for sure!

Fallen too Far by Abbi Glines; While this isn’t my favourite NA read, it is a nice and easy book that you can quite quickly flip through. It’s entertaining but also really typical of the NA mould so if you’re over the mould, I wouldn’t pick up this book. But if you want something light and easy, this is definitely worth picking up.

And these are some books that I’ve heard great things about and really want to read;

And so, I have a lot of books to get on to reading, but hopefully from the ones I have read and want to read, it has helped a few of you know what to read during the read-a-thon!
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  • Michelle

    You have to read Lengths, Losing It, Pushing the Limits and Hopeless, they are fantastic reads.
    I have a few of the others waiting to be read so I don’t know how good they are yet.

  • Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary

    I don’t read a huge amount of NA, actually it’s not very often that I pick up an NA book. I’d like to change this but some past experiences have really put me off and I’ve found that there’s not much plot to them. Will definitely write some of the ones on your list down to try out. :)

  • Kerrie

    You have to read Vain by Fisher Amelie, I absolutely loved it. It was a real shock of a book for me though, definitely not what I expected! Also Pushing the Limits is a great book, highly recommend it!

  • Lettie

    I loved Hopeless, Lengths, Pushing the Limits, Losing It and The Edge of Never! Just to warn you they are all series and you will want to read them all :P
    I’m looking forward to the read-a-thon :)

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