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The Get Shit Done Readathon – January 2020

The Get Shit Done Readathon - January 2020

Hi All!

Today I’m here to announce my intention to join in with the Get Shit Done Readathon!
This is hosted by Bookish Bethany.

There are some prompts to the readathon which I am going to list here but as I already have quite a few books on my TBR for this month (which you can find here), I’ve decided that I will try and fit those reads into the prompts, and I’m also going to challenge myself to try and read as many  books this month as I can!

The Prompts

1. Read a book from a subscription box
While my copy isn’t from a subscription box, I will be getting A Heart So Fierce and Broken Fairyloot Special Edition…

2. Read the book that has been on your TBR the longest
None of mine fit this.

3. Read a Classic
None of mine fit this.

4. Finish a book you put down
I have two for this: Infinity Son by Adam Silvera & The Places I’ve Cried In Public by Holly Bourne

5. Start OR end a series
Agent Zaiba Investivages: The Missing Diamonds by Annabella Sami is the start of a series!

6. Read a book for review OR a book that was a gift
All of my books on my TBR except The Places I’ve Cried in Public are all review books so any will fit here!

BONUS CHALLENGE!: Read a book that meets 3+ prompts
I’m technically putting A Heart So Fierce and Broken down for this. It’s a “subscription book”, I am partway through it AND it’s a review book.

Will you be participating in this readathon?


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